Charltons is a family of talented and dedicated individuals who help our clients to succeed. We provide all our employees with a happy, enthusiastic and welcoming work environment where diversity is respected and success is rewarded.

Is my business or account too small to work with Charltons?

Charltons are a specialist firm, but we believe in treating every client as a top priority. Your business and your finances are your number one concern, and when you work with us, they’re ours too.

I haven’t changed accountants for 5 years. Why should I?

If your accountants are just helping you prepare and lodge your tax returns, they’re probably doing a good job; but they’re not taking the extra steps. At Charltons, we’re more than just accountants, we’re advisors and partners. We believe in supporting our clients with the best guidance in business strategy, estate planning and more. We don’t just sign off on your tax, we work with you throughout the year to provide the best possible service and expertise.

Does a call from the accountant mean there must be a problem? They never call with fresh ideas.

Not always! We like to keep in touch regularly with all of our clients, so when you hear from us it might not be a bad thing – the chances are, we’ve got a solution or an idea that could really help your business. We believe that as accountants, we have a responsibility to help you as much as possible, and to do that, we like to communicate as regularly as we can.

My accountant only cares about last year’s numbers, not achieving my aims. Is that normal?

Last year’s numbers matter. However, we focus strongly on helping you reach the next level of your business or professional development, and we can work with you to identify what that progression is and ensure that you can achieve it.

Can I afford an SMSF – or is it all too complicated to be worth it?

An SMSF is actually very accessible. You don’t need to be earning a huge amount of money in order to set one up and run it effectively. We can talk you through the best options for creating an SMSF and help you decide if your finances are ready for it.

How can I minimise tax throughout the year?

Tax minimisation is a high priority for many of our clients. We help businesses and individuals claim the refunds and deductions they are entitled to, ensuring they only pay their fair share come tax time.

I don’t have a bullet proof family estate plan structured exactly for me. Do I need one?

It’s important to make plans for the future, as the unexpected can happen. To keep your family secure, Charltons are prepared with estate planning advice, guidance and the right expertise. Starting to plan now can prevent stress and hardship when the unexpected happens.

I don’t have an independent specialist who challenges my business plans, and I don’t have a plan to sell my business. Can Charltons help?

We like to think of ourselves as business partners and advisors, not just accountants. Through careful appraisals of your business, your business plans and your goals, we can help you to generate real growth and turn your business into a valuable asset.

I don’t know the ins and outs of the tax and banking system. What do I do if I run into some tough issues?

You don’t need to know every ATO requirement – that’s our job! If you’re unhappy with your experiences working with the ATO and lodging your tax returns, or if you have a specialised issue that could have serious repercussions, it is so important to work with an experienced accountant. Charltons can help you sort out any tax issue.

I’d like to save on book-keeping fees and have cash flow and all my outstandings taken care of for me. How do I make that happen?

The best way to do that is to sign on with an experienced bookkeeper. At Charltons, we have a number of bookkeepers on our staff, and they’re ready to work with you to ensure your business has the cash-flow and the transaction management it needs.