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Partnering with you in the structure and management of your business is one of the core services available at Charltons. We are dedicated to supporting your potential.

Rediscover the facts about your business

Receiving an objective and independent overview of your business is a requirement for your bank and investors, and can frequently be a legal requirement.. An audit is a detailed report on the health and financial situation of your company, through which stakeholders can gain a real understanding of your business.

Our audits can include communication with debtors, creditors and employees, but the main focus is on Inspecting your records, documents and capital. We examine the estimates andĀ  assumptions your business made when preparingĀ  your financial report and highlight issues or problems.

Passing a high quality professional audit is crucial to any business. To start with a business audit, contact Charltons and come in for a friendly discussion with our senior staff, or we can arrange to come to you.

  • Case study

    A recently established real estate management business was operated out of a company with two individual shareholders who were the principals and face of the business. Due to differing objectives, there was a need to split the business with each individual principal taking their respective share. Various legal documents were drafted including a business sale agreement.

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