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Strategic Advice

The intricacies of your personal situation need a specialised adviser to guide you through all of the best strategies that could be considered to get you where you need to go. Our strategic advisors have a wealth of experience knowing all of the levers that could be pulled to get you to the destination.

Time poor business owner without a plan.

We had a client approach us who was a time poor business owner working in the audio visual industry turning over 7 figures. With 15 staff across the country, he was neglecting his finances, he was behind in his tax commitments and was frustrated with the lack of progress in both his business and personal finances.

After hosting a series of strategy workshops, we were able to identify the areas which required immediate attention, worked with him to create a strategic plan to reduce his keyperson risk, allow more time for him to focus on his goals and implement a structured approach to allocating his surplus to building wealth.