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Each year we are required to prepare and lodge our income tax returns. In this we have little choice and say. However, we can have some say in the amount of tax (if any) we are required to pay. This can be achieved by undertaking some prudent and legal tax planning. Tax planning is simply smart business planning.

A Self Managed Super Fund lets you design your future

A SMSF operates differently to other superannuation provisions, with the added benefit of fund personalisation and control. You can choose where your fund invests and guide it to make your future exactly what you want it to be.

The best way to learn all about SMSFs and how they work for you is to meet with one of our SMSF specialists, who will assist you in making the best possible decision for your financial future. Take charge of your superannuation with a Self Managed Super Fund, made easy with expert support and advice from the professional and friendly team at Charltons.

Don’t exhaust your fund paying its taxes

Charltons have the best advice for your superannuation tax. We have multiple  tax specialists to ensure your Self Managed Super Fund is taxed correctly.

We make sure you are paying the correct amount of superannuation tax, and that all records relating to your SMSF are in order. Our excellent record keeping will allow us to prepare and lodge tax returns for your Self Managed Super Fund, and ensure your annual return is ready to go once the annual audit of your fund has been completed.

Your SMSF tax return is used to report super regulatory information and member contributions and to pay the SMSF supervisory levy.

If you need help with the taxation on your Self Managed Super Fund, make an appointment with one of our skilled tax specialists.

Building the runway for your self managed super fund

Achieving the correct setup and administration of your Self Managed Super Fund is at the heart of ensuring your SMSF will run smoothly. Through the creation and maintenance of excellent records, we ensure that your SMSF always provides what you need. We build the runway so that your fund can take off.

In the development and setup of your fund, one of our accountants will work with you to give advice and to inform you on all aspects of the SMSF. From then on we will monitor your fund, and keep track of everything. We can also assist with the administration from auditing your fund, to completing your tax return.

Just as we provide top quality bookkeeping services for our individuals and businesses, we also provide them for your Self Managed Super Fund. Keeping excellent financial records is vital to ensure you pay the correct level of tax, and are aware of all your transactions, contributions and expenses. Here at Charltons, to make your finances easier to manage we ensure all records are well kept and easily accessible.

  • Case study

    A hairdresser in a well established business was advised by the landlord that at the expiry of the lease he was planning to sell the premises and she would have to vacate. Our client desired to stay as she had built up a good client base. Charltons confirmed that the business premises could be purchased by a self managed superannuation fund by rolling over her industry fund balance for the deposit and borrowing the rest.

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