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Wealth is a vehicle to get you to your destination. The question is, where do you want to go? Charltons specialise in empowering the individual to take control of their wealth and create meaningful change in their lives and those around them.

Significant income but living beyond their means.

We had a client last year that approached us in a bit of a bind. They had a significant household income of $300,000, two young kids, a significant mortgage and had already built some wealth but they had a problem…

They were living beyond their means, were racking up some significant credit card debts and really didn’t have a plan for how they were going to achieve financial freedom, or even be able to retire one day!

Both the husband and wife worked long hours, were time poor and really didn’t have the time or the experience to know what to do next financially which not only stressed them out but also put stress on their relationship… They had buried their head in the sand for years, expecting that their finances would sort themselves out but when the new year rolled around they decided enough was enough and something needed to change.

They got in touch with us and we spent over an hour deconstructing their financial situation and getting to the root cause of the problem. The problem wasn’t that they didn’t earn enough money or that they were doing something wrong…

It was that they didn’t know what they wanted in life or what they were working towards!

After working to define their goals, identify the self-limiting beliefs they had that were resulting in their spending behaviors, abuse of bad debts and caused them to bury their head in the sand, we were able to find their WHY.

Utilizing this WHY, we worked to craft a complete wealth journey with a clear road map to allow them to continue to maintain their desired lifestyle but to also ensure they committed their surplus to tackling their bad debts, building their savings and working to continue to build wealth for the future.

Today they have 3 investment properties worth over $2m, a healthy surplus that has allowed them to continue to diversify into a portfolio of index funds and know with complete certainty that they will be able to live the life they desire with a home loan that is on track to be paid off in full within 5 years.

The moral of the story… the difference between a dream and a goal is a plan. The rest comes easy!