Becoming A Pro: Working With Your Accountant


Your accountants are some of the most important people in your business. They deal with the day to day and even far reaching future of your business’ finances, and if you tried to grow a company or manage your money without one – you’d regret it!

The trick to maintaining a great relationship with an accountant is in being taking a professional approach to your money and your plans. When you follow our tips about how to work effectively with your accountants, you’ll be building a high quality, lasting partnership!

1. Take Advantage Of Their Business Expertise

Accountants today, particularly at firms like Charltons Accountants here in Sydney, there's more than just money smarts available. Our clients view us as advisors who can help to guide their businesses, and involve us in the strategic and decision making processes. When you want to have an accountant who understands where your company or plan is going, taking on their expert advise is invaluable. You'd be surprised how much more there is to your accountant than bookkeeping and tax!

2. Keep Great Records

It's going to make your accountant's job a lot harder if they're working with incomplete records. But at Charltons Accountants, we find it makes not only our job easier but your entire operation easier when your records are detailed, well maintained and regularly updated. The fact is, while bookkeeping is important, there's more to your financial records than that. Your accountant can use your records as a valuable data mine from which they will be able to draw plans and strategies and gain a complete understanding of your business.

3. Use The Right Software

One way to make working with your accountant easier is to have the right software in place to manage all transactions, finances and records. The chances are, your accountant has a range of software that they're experts in. For example, at Charltons Accountants, we have a high level of knowledge around MYOB, Xero and several other high profile and high power software suites. We know which option will suit every client, every business and every budget. If we can help you choose your software and set it up the right way, running your finances and working with your accountant like a pro will be 100% easier!

4. Treat Your Accounting Like An Investment

You can't skimp on your finances. That's just a fact. When it comes to managing your business' finances and financial journey, you can't worry about cutting corners, as that could severely limit your options down the track - or lead to big problems! Remembering that paying for high quality accountants and advisors is really an investment in your future, you have to look at more qualities than just price. What is your accountants' expertise? Are they technologically up to date? Are they just looking to handle your books or will they be able to guide your business?

5. Always communicate

This is something that has to come from both you and your accountants. Communication is the key to any business or relationship, and its never more true than when your finances are involved. If you're able to regularly keep in touch and discuss your ideas as well as the day to day running of your business and your transactions, there'll be a wealth of shared knowledge that you can draw on when it's time to lodge your tax, plan your next growth steps or even make a major acquisition! At Charltons accountants, we pride ourselves on our communication with our clients, and we believe your accountant should too.

Charltons are one of Sydney's leading accountants, offering expertise in a range of different areas. We've helped thousands of businesses grow and become long term successes, and we have a vast amount of knowledge around business success. If you're interested in developing a growth plan, understanding how technology can help you grow and developing a bright future, we are waiting to hear from you!

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