How much is your business worth?

At Charltons, we've recently begun offering a new pillar to our list of services: Business Valuations. It's vitally important that you understand the true value of the company that you've created, as an asset. Being aware of the worth that you have created, and which areas of your business are the most valuable to you can help you make decisions about your finances, your cashflow, your future plans and even your personal life.

We've worked with many businesses to establish their valuation and build a detailed report that can guide these decisions. Our team of forensic and chartered accountants have the expertise to understand your business and understand its value.

A Business Valuation may be a key service for you if you are:

  1. Purchasing a business
  2. Selling your share of a business
  3. Selling your entire business
  4. Applying for a business loan
  5. Evaluating your own net worth.
  6. Courting investors

A business valuation can also be important for probate purposes in a Deceased Estate, and for the matters before the Family Court in the case of a Marriage Breakdown.

Some of the key questions in a Business Valuation can include:

  • What has the annual turnover been?
  • What is the market value of the business' assets?
  • What liabilities or debts does the business have?
  • Is the business making a profit?
  • Is there enough capital or cash flow to keep the business healthy?

We'll answer each of these questions and more as we build your Business Valuation and help you to gain a clearer picture of your standing and your company's healthy. To get started, call Charltons on: (02) 8267 6666


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