What October 31 Means For You!

We are fast approaching the last deadline of tax panic!
Every year, it's amazing to find out how many business owners and successful professionals manage to let their personal tax return get away from them. There's a bunch of reasons why that happens; maybe they just get too busy, maybe it's a priority that falls off someone's radar.

But the upshot of it is always the same. There’s a slow, creeping awareness that doesn't take hold until October dawns and people start to realise that time is running out for them to lodge their return! October 31st is just around the corner, and lodging should be number one on your to do list. Even more importantly, if you’ve missed more than one year of lodging your return, missing the October 31 deadline could result in major penalties!

Thankfully, there's a piece of good news that we can normally share around this time.

As registered tax agents, Charltons are able to provide expertise and services that go above and beyond accounting!

If you're an individual, without overly complex or problematic tax records, Charltons can get you an extension past the October 31 deadline. What does this mean for you? It means that you'll be able to get your return lodged without a hitch and avoid any applicable fines that you could have been slapped with if you had let the deadline go by without acting.

Additionally, if you have missed multiple years' tax return lodgings you could be eligible (as most cases are) for a refund from each. At Charltons, we have lodged up to 20 years of missed returns in one go! It’s better to act now and receive your refund rather than giving the tax office another year of an interest free loan!

Finally, if you don’t end up lodging your tax return, you can end up facing a number of difficulties down the track. These can range from being prevented from registering a company for tax because your individual tax standing is delinquent to a freezing of Centrelink payments.

Here's how to organise an extension:

1. Book an appointment or contact Charltons through our website or on: [phone number]
2. Come in for a free consultation where we’ll review some of your records and information
3. We will determine whether we consider you eligible for an extension
4. If we consider you eligible, we will request an extension and work with you to lodge your personal tax return ASAP!

If you're interested in working with Charltons to sort out your tax, achieve an extension and put in the ground work to ensure you never have to worry about missing the deadline for another year, it's important to act immediately.

Finally, if you find that you are facing penalties, fines or restrictions due to your tax return being late or delayed, Charltons can help you minimise those issues or get them under control so they don’t affect your personal life or your business.

We are excited about working with you, and we look forward to meeting!


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